My stationery bike today turned over 2,200 miles this morning.  The last reading which I journaled was when the bike turned 1,200 miles – on August 1st, 2012.  That is 292 days ago. 

In other words, I have biked around 3 miles a day for almost 300 days. 

Going nowhere!

Except that my leg muscles stayed in shape.  My upper body exercise while on the bike made sure my back is still in good shape.  And my respiratory ability is good.

The disciplines of life are well worth the moments that they take.  I have found that stability in life can be partially maintained by good exercise.  For around 20 minutes a day, my body wakes up.  My mind as well.  When I am done those 2o minutes there is a new sense of perspective and a spring in my step. 

Check back in another nine or ten months.  Let’s see if another 1,000 miles has been covered!!