Out of the ground

This is the time of year that life arises from hibernation.

As I look out the window this morning I see the leaves of trees come to fullness. 

The front yard tree had withered leaves a few weeks ago.  You might even have thought this was fall and that the leaves were about to drop.  Instead, they have filled in and the tree is now shading the kitchen window.

In the back, the next door neighbour tree is leaning over the fence.  The leaves are exploding in a network pattern of green.  The willow tree continues to leaf out as though it were shading a meandering stream.

Of most interest to me is a shrub in the front yard.  These sprigs were transplanted in the fall.  They created reddish leaves, a favourite of my past wife, Jill.  Until yesterday I was wondering if anything would arise.  In fact I was ready to uproot the bush.

Then, I noticed a shoot or two pushing from branches.  The soil is watered, and the leaves are just beginning their journey.  I trust by the end of the summer there will be full foliage.

Such is the beauty of the spring!

2 thoughts on “Out of the ground

  1. A lesson from nature: not everything grows at the same rate. Some things show no promise at the beginning but given time growth appears. Do not give up hope or grow away that which may still have life in it! 🙂

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