On Leave

This past week the Church Board met.  In the midst of a number of discussions, they gave to me a very gracious gift.

As I have been planning my wedding on July 13th, I have been carefully guarding my days.  I’ve worked on days off in order to take a few other days to visit and work on wedding preparations.  I’ve left some gaps in my usual routines in order to give time to the need for a whole new set of routines.

All of this was beginning to pile up as the wedding neared.  The Board graciously presented to me a leave from June 23rd to July 29th.  OK, they thought I should take a leave!  And I gladly agreed!!

In this case, a leave does not necessarily mean less work.  Just redirected work.  I will be attending a number of “new family” events as well as events for both Cynthia and I.  I will be helping to amalgamate our household goods prior to our wedding.  And as I write this, I’m sure there are events that I don’t even know about! 

When I read some of the upcoming events to the congregation yesterday, one of my friends started to write them down, and then found out he couldn’t keep up!  Even as I look at the list, I’m glad I’ve been granted a leave.  I have this feeling our marriage will be the better for it!!

And so, as I have expressed to each of them personally, my thanks to a very gracious group who are my immediate “bosses”. 

Your wisdom and consideration is much appreciated. 

One thought on “On Leave

  1. A very necessary leave I’m sure. An opportunity to focus on things that need to be done without the worry of other “things”. Wishing you and Cynthia well in the combining of your households. Regards: Gerald

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