For eight years I served as a registrar in a post secondary school.

There were days of great joy, days when completing the journey for some students was pure delight (for them, as well as for the faculty as they saw them leave through the front door!).

And then there was the graduation!  For us administrators this was the busy time of year.  If my children wished to accompany me, they would know that dad was “in his grad gown.”  That meant quick steps and short conversations.

Yesterday I attended the grad of my “soon to be” step daughter.  I was awash again with the preparations that go on.  This time I was on the other side.

The administrator who looked after the “show” was running like crazy.  She stopped at our table for a second – and that was about it!  Shades of yesteryears!

The result was a great day.  A ceremony in the morning and a banquet in the evening. 

These are good times.  I enjoyed the day! 

But I’m glad to be on the other side of the table!

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