Two Doctors?

The race was on!  My brother and his son were both neck and neck in the race to receive their doctorates.  Murray (the brother) had worked for 12 years to complete at doctor in theology degree.  David (his son) had been working for 8 years to complete a doctor in veterinary medicine. Only one would […]

Two months

I can’t believe that time flies.  First off, that is a metaphor – the wings of time and even the picture of Father Time as an actual person is improbable (OK, impossible!).  Secondly, what does that mean – time flies?  Is this a thought about speed?  Or the ability to become less than earthbound (for […]


I’ve noted that Spring has a certain freshness.  The air is seemingly clearer.  The sunshine is bright.  The ground just begs growth.  In fact, one person talking to me thought that within an hour’s time one plant grew an inch. I can’t help but see this beauty. On the other hand, allergies are most acute.  […]