Enjoyment in teaching

Today I received recognition for teaching Grade 5-7 youth.

Our Family Bible School is completed for this year.  I have been team teaching a group (mainly boys) with another man.  How unusual is that?  Men teaching children!

The pleasure was all mine.  As we went through the year I became convinced that these are the leaders of tomorrow – and they are leaders already in their own right amongst their peers. 

Of course, there were days where the boys were climbing on tables and raucous and a bit unruly.  Or the days when they were serious and taking in all sorts of new learnings.  Both days are days of enjoyment – although I’m not sure I have as much patience as I would like when their enthusiasm explodes.

Next year looks to be fun as well.  I want to take on the same group once again.  This time we will separate out the girls from the boys.  Which means more loud sessions together and great fun around the tables leading to learning that will help to shape young hearts after the heart of God. 

What a great opportunity.

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