30 days to go!

That was what greeted me on our wedding website today.

One month and I will be remarried.  Seems surrealistic.  This past week I served on a committee with a widow whose husband passed away just in this past year.  Yesterday I was with a fellow the same age as I am (actually only one month between our ages) – his wife is in the final stages of cancer.  Both are struggling with issues that I have had to deal with this past year.

What is it like to live through this past year of widow(er)hood?  I didn’t know what was coming, nor do I still understand completely where things are headed.  I just know that I have a peace from God.  I have a sense of knowing that, as I am encouraged in my Bible study, I am headed in a proper direction.  I am thankful to all those who have come alongside to support me and congratulate me in my remarriage.  As my header on this blog says – daily life as life goes on . . .

30 days to go!  And life goes on!

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