Old Ways

There is much to be said for habit. 

But when your habits are disturbed, there is much to be said for flexibility.

Today I headed out to my car.  Which is always parked in the garage.  Which door is directly in front of me as I head out of my kitchen.

Otherwise I have to detour to my left to head out a front door into the front yard.

Which was where my car was this morning.  On the driveway.  Because my garage is starting to fill up. 

I am in the midst of deciding what will stay in the amalgamation of two houses.  Extras and garage sale items are headed to the garage.  Which means my car can no longer be parked there.

So, I headed out to my car.  Through the garage door.  To see that there was no car there.  I closed the door and returned back inside, realizing this is a new life.

Old ways have passed away, new ways must be adopted.

As the old saying goes – “Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.”

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