Yesterday was 23 days.

Not that I am counting.

For the next while you may find my wedding day preparations creep into this blog.  Interestingly, at the same time, I have received a draft copy of a video I had commissioned on my former wife, Jill.  The scenes and flow are great – I was reminded how much I have to be thankful for, with a great marriage of 35 years! 

I’m always amazing how God can expand a heart to accept another and at the same time make my heart leap with joy for Jill.  Some day I will ask God that question.

So, preparations!

Yesterday I wandered through the house.  Couches were transported out of the house – a new-to-me set of couches will arrive in this next week or two.  As I looked over each room I, once again, took a mental inventory of what was there.  Today I will try to ferret a little deeper and see what is old, duplicated or torn.

I will also do some “head” work.  Organizing all the things that we have done so far to prepare – putting that information in an easy to find place – and making sure that we know where we should plant our feet next.

So, on to the next assignment!  Which room was that?