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A while back I  had asked my niece, well able and schooled in video presentation, to prepare a video of my past wife, Jill Cooper Baker.  As my niece, Grace Smith, worked through this, we exchanged thoughts.

I was asked what Jill’s favourite verse was.  She had so many, I finally chose the idea from Matthew 22:37 – “Love the Lord your God with all your heart . . .”

That characterized Jill.  I never doubted her sincere love for God.  I watched struggles and joys, but there was a stubborn tenacity that always clung to God.  Her spiritual heart may have been scarred from battle, much as her physical heart was bruised from birth.  But  in the battle her heart for God and others became stronger.

And now, she has a new heart as she lives with Jesus in eternal realms.  This life is a foretaste of the life to come.  God guided Jill through this life into the next, sometimes in pain and suffering, other times in joy and triumph.  And now, in a final sense, she can sing a song we sang many times – “It is well with my soul.”

Here is the link to the video:

2 thoughts on “Video of Jill Baker

  1. Thank you, Ron for sharing this with all of us. It is a true testament of Jill’s love for the Lord. May this video inspire you and all who have the opportunity to view it. May it continue to be well with your soul. Regards: Gerald

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