My driving habit, and the many miles I have traveled these past few months, has brought me to a new conclusion.

In a day and age of relativism (where there is no absolute truth), a lot of people disagree!

Have you listened to the talks shows? 

Flipping on the radio during a four hour trip means you can’t seem to miss someone saying something.  About their dog, or the world economy, or floods.

All of the conversations seems to start with the word “absolutely”.   When asked a question, the respondent wants to make a point.  So, they begin with the word “absolutely”. 

This is broad-cast over the airwaves and on the internet to myriads of people.  They insist that the listeners take this as “the truth”.  So they describe the dog as “absolutely” having a better nutritional diet eating a certain type of dog food, or that the economy would be better served removing capitalism, or that the water flow of the floods would be better diverted through storm channels.

Whatever the opinion expressed, there seems to be a need to make this truth for all.  In a day and age when we have shied away from universal truths, our language betrays us.  We need absolute truth!   ABSOLUTELY.

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