This is a new home for me.  But the property address remains the same.

Over the past 12 days I have been working with my fiance to prepare and move her household goods to Kindersley.  Along with her son, she will be living in this house after we come back from our honeymoon.

For the moment the house is full of boxes and desks and mattresses and clothing and all those things that make up a household.  As I wandered the floors today I found the old footpaths are blocked. 

New footpaths will need to be formed.  For the sake of combining the materials that make up a house, things will need to be moved.  This discussion has been ongoing, and I’m sure will continue as we explore each other’s tastes and sentiments. 

This morning I moved a wooden piece into the “garage sale” pile.  Not a large piece.  Not a necessary piece.  Not even an artistic piece.  There are sentiments that go along with this piece.  I suppose, for all of us, all things that we touch and move and that have had their being in our homes have sentiment attached.

In this case, I have been working on finding a way to commemorate the idea of the piece.  In this particular case, just recording that in a book of memories should be sufficient.  I imagine there are other pieces that will have heirloom value that may need to remain. 

Ah, the challenge and excitement of working together to form a new partnership!