Yesterday we worked on amalgamating kitchen spices and food supplies.

Five boxes were emptied.  That is a good start!  And we actually have space that is still available.

Because . . .

There are five loads of garbage to be disposed of.  And some additional items that are going into a garage sale.

I could hope that all of our household amalgamation would open up that type of space.  Perhaps that will be true.  To our enjoyment, a table that once carried boxes was able to sit us for the supper meal last night.   

Of course, the matter of expectations continues to be a theme in combining our household goods.  I expect, a year down the road, we will still be discussing what to keep and what to place where and how much to add or subtract from the house.

In the midst of all this, I have heard stories related to me about flood victims in Alberta.  One family had their house red tagged.  Green tagged means you can return to a house that has little or no damage.  Red tagged . . . I think you can guess what that means.  Earthly possession sitting in piles on front yards.  And often no applicable insurance. 

I loved a phrase I learned a few years ago – “It’s all going to burn in the end.”  Our possessions should not possess us.  So, I am desiring to hold lightly that which we possess, and find promising ways to enjoy what God has blessed us with!

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