A Sunday reminder

I am preparing for a time of prayer.

During the season of Ramadan (July 9 – August 7), I regularly pray for Muslims around the world.  I follow a prayer guide called “30 days of prayer for the Muslim world.”

I have sneaked a quick peak through this year’s guide.  Over the past several years, as again this year, there have always been foci (yes, the plural of focus!) on countries, trends and themes, as well as testimonies.

Today I came across a marvelous illustration that has set my sights for today.

In Somalia, there are homes that are nomadic huts.  Formed from the dust and dirt of the ground, topped with a roof.  This particular story talks of “the church [is] like a nomadic hut that bundles all the weight of its roof on the center pole.”

Jesus is that center pole. 

My prayer for today is that I, and those I love and minister to, would find their eyes turn to the center pole.  Hebrews 12:2 says that very thing – fix your eyes on Jesus – the author and perfecter of our faith.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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