Feeling at home

One of the great tests of relationship is being together, deciding together, and coming to compromises together.

We have had fun (?) deciding what to keep and where to put it.  The result is a greater understanding of each other, along with some misunderstanding.  We both are looking forward to a honeymoon where our big decisions will be whether to get up or keep sleeping!

As we were walking this afternoon we both affirmed that these days have been days of growth and building a good foundation.  Do we like them?  Not at all.  Would we trade them in?  Not at all.  This is a good thing cloaked in hard work.

And so, I am excited for all that God is bringing our way. 

One thought on “Feeling at home

  1. I can just imagine how hard decision making would be at this time. Both of you have histories and it will take more time to decide. Some things involve more than the two of you as you have family too. God bless you and give you energy, wisdom and you both have a great future to look forward to.

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