On the road again

Today is my daughter’s birthday.  Half way between our houses is a small town named Saskatoon (OK, it’s a little more than a town!).

We will meet for a birthday supper at Bonanza.  I’ll take along a few coupons to defray some of the costs of the meals.  As well, we will sit and chat and celebrate! 

Of course, I’m reminded of the more than two decades ago when I first met my daughter!  She was cute – which daughter isn’t!!  She had a twinkle in her eye – at least I thought so.  She was a wonder and wonderful to behold.

With three children of her own, she knows what it is to be a mother – and a good one at that.  She has proven to be a loving wife.  For me, she has also been one who watches out for her father.

For all this I am thankful.

Happy Birthday, Alli!!

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