I am looking very much forward to these next few days.  Family will begin to arrive soon.  I will meet new relatives and see those I haven’t seen for some time.

I wish this were the white picket fence story.  Everyone comes with no messes in their lives.  No one is worried about things like relationships or finances or other messes that crowd our daily lives.

This is not that type of gathering.  I’m not sure there ever has been that type of gathering.

So, we will all listen to each others’ stories.  There will be friendly advice and laughter about foibles, and the desire to keep in touch when we all leave.

For those who are unable to attend the wedding of Ron Baker and Cynthia Bellamy this weekend – you will miss a great time together.  I’ll try to keep you posted in the next few weeks of some of the happenings.  And, I’m sure there will be happenings – which makes for great memories!!

One thought on “Wedding

  1. Anew chapter in your life, Ron. It will be different but I am sure that everything will work out and things will fit together. Takes more energy when you are older to face all this, but also your life experiences have strengthened you to face life anew again. Cheering for both of you, Ron.

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