The silence of the honeymoon

A little more than a week ago our honeymoon began.  We determined not to do any corresponding during that first week.  Although a few messages slipped in and out, overall the silence has been quite quiet.

Today is our first day back on the grid.  Not entirely – just enough to contact some family to let them know we are still alive.

Cynthia and I were rating our honeymoon to date.  We chose the “VG” rating.  Sort of like the thoughts on the days of creation.  Each day was considered good.  And then the “very good” rating appeared!

We have enjoyed no schedule, times for naps, a geology tour of Summerland (where we are honeymooning), a movie night out with a gift certificate, and just now – sitting quietly writing and playing games.

Each day is a new opportunity to share experiences and continue to grow together in our marriage.  My wise brother had stated at one point that you can spend a lot of time on the wedding, but the marriage is what endures.  Our times together just keep confirming our desire to make this marriage a solid one, where we both are comfortable in getting to know each other, in working together with others and in seeing that God has rightful place in all we do.

And so, the silence of the honeymoon is over, the honeymoon will continue for a few more days, then back to “work” and the adventure of our new life together continues!

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