Back to work

Today I re-immerse myself in my work.  For five weeks I have had the privilege of being on a leave in preparation for my wedding and then for the time on our honeymoon.

During this time I have purposely left the work of the ministry of the church to very capable people.  There have been no fires, no unexpected catastrophes and, to my knowledge, the church building is still standing and the church congregation is still there!!

There is  a certain feeling of new beginnings.  I am starting a new life in a new marriage.  That includes working together to figure out life together.  I return to a church where I look forward to hearing how people have worked together.  This may lead to new efforts and outreach.

These thoughts both thrill me and give me a bit of a chill.  The unknown is a bit of an adventure.  I like to have a cement path in front of me.  These paths are just being formed!  I know God is leading, and I continue to learn that means trust is foremost. 

In the meanwhile – which means right now – I’ve started the day with exercise, I’m preparing to head to work and I look forward to what is to come.l

One thought on “Back to work

  1. The secret is “relax”. Everything will fall into place. Work is not everything !! Now is the time, Ron, to take time to enjoy life together. We all wish you well and every blessing !

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