The inside and outside

I am just working on completing my sermon for this week.  I’ve chosen to do a few sermons on the Psalms over the summer.

Choosing passages to preach on is always fun.  This time around I chose to find Psalms that weren’t the usual ones we read – like Psalm 23 (Good Shepherd), Psalm 51 (Create in me a clean heart), etc.  Last week was Psalm 16, this week is Psalm 102. 

As I have been preparing, I am struck with the context of the Psalms.  I’ve always read each Psalm as a separate thing – sort of just dropped in.  There was no rhyme or reason to their placement!


As I read Psalm 102 I am reminded that the Psalms (150 0f them) are made up of five books.  You don’t form books unless there is a theme for the book.  Psalm 102 is part of the fourth book.  The first Psalm in each book tends to lay out a bit of the theme for the book.  I preached on Psalm 90 a few years ago (the first Psalm in this “Book”) – one of those fascinating Psalms!  From it I found the following thoughts:

  • Surprise me with your love
  • Give me as many good days as bad days
  • Show me what you are doing
  • Captivate me with your majesty
  • Make my work meaningful

Now as I come to Psalm 102, I took a look at 101 and 103.  101 talks of personal piety and purity.  103 talks of healing of diseases and forgiveness of sin. 

So, take a look at Psalm 102 and guess what is found there.  The title for the Psalm will give you some idea!

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