Enlarged family

I now have six children.  Yes, some are step-children, but there is still a tie that comes with that! 

Yesterday I was aware of two of the daughters.  One is getting married this weekend and I will attend the wedding.  My wife, Cynthia, is currently in Calgary assisting her daughter (my step-daughter) as she prepares for the wedding.  I am alone, an unusual feeling after a month of time being together and married (happy one month anniversary!).   Yesterday, though apart we were together, as the conversations continued with Cynthia via phone and I heard about the preparations being completed.

On the other hand, Allison, my daughter, phoned to talk about her kids.  She had some pictures and video to show of their excursion on Sunday.  A day at the pool with the giant bubble that is making quite a showing as an entertainment for children and adults!  We chatted a bit and I was reminded of how good it is to have children and grandchildren.

I am glad to be one of those whose family is now coming close to the size of the family I grew up in.   That family holds great memories for me, and I look forward to the memories that will come in the future with my enlarged family!

One thought on “Enlarged family

  1. awe six kids – hmm – with each new grandchild I have been reminded of the responsibility that comes with them — that is to pray for them – I am sure it works doubly so for children — and I am glad that they will have your coverage in prayer now too — that is an awesome legacy to leave for each one of them – of course the numbers may go up as each one gets married – but that is fun too.

    So happy for you and for them. Blessings

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