Eight years later

I was perusing through my blog site and was reminded that I have been writing this blog for eight years.  Much has happened since the beginning blog entry. 

I suppose we all want life to remain in a comfortable setting.  I noted that life has been full of change for me.  My comfort has had to be in God.  Others will come and go, circumstances will alter our lives.  God remains the same.  Yesterday, today and forever.

There are entries that are mundane – Mouse in the house!  And entries that are significant life changers – the death of my first wife.

I am thankful for those who have read this blog over the years.  My father was a regular reader of my blog.  In 2009 he passed away.  I miss his encouragement and comments.  Mom Cooper continues to read the blog faithfully – I enjoy her constant comments.

I suppose what spurs me on to write is three fold!  I enjoy the writing venture.  Words and crafting of them is just plain fun.  I also realize that writing helps me to see the world in a little more realistic perspective.  Some would call this therapeutic.  And, if in the writing, some help can be given to others, I am thankful.

Eight years.  Older than my grandson.  1/3 of the years of the age of my children.  Time given over to reflection on life and the happenings therein. 

For this I am thankful.

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