Door knobs and latches

The basement bathroom and bedroom are being painted – and effort mostly by Cynthia, but also by me.

In the midst of this, the idea of changing out the door knobs was explored.  We chose the type that are handles more than rounded knobs.  I’m finding that the small  advantages reap great rewards.  A handle is much easier to manipulate (using the Latin word for hand!!).  A good thing for those whose arthritis makes that necessary.  And, I hear, a good selling feature!

Unexpectedly, I was in the basement.  The bathroom is in the final stages and I slipped inside.  As I came out I looked at the entry and the new color and the refreshed furnishings.

This felt like a new thing.  Which is exactly what we are trying to do. 

As a new couple, old things pass away, but are not forgotten.  New things arise that are a blend of both of us.

Funny how an inexpensive door knob becomes a symbol for a whole new life.  I’ll never look at a bathroom the same again!!

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