Was Friday yesterday?

I thought it was.

But it hasn’t been.

That’s the power of the end of the summer.

Next week we begin all sorts of programming in our church.  School starts and I have a grade 10 student in the house.  And somehow there is a psychological barrier that needs to be overcome.

Our province mandated the beginning of school after the Labour Day long weekend.  Many of us thought nothing of it.  Until this year. 

Previously parents were scrambling in August to get things ready for school, which began the end of August.  This year some are still thinking that September is a ways away (purely psychological!!).  For that reason their preparations have been minimal.

All that to say, yesterday I thought it was Friday.  Or maybe another day of the week.  A summer day.  With sun and heat.  Some unknown, unshaped and unlisted day of the week.

Today is Friday, right??

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