Yesterday was a partial work day and a partial home day.

The work part encompassed two meetings.  One with staff, another with a ministry area of the church. 

At home, we moved towards one of the areas that has been on my mind – the fulness of our garage.  We had previously stacked a number of items there as we amalgamated our households.  And “garage creep” also meant that the area became the default for anything that we were unsure of keeping or using.

Yesterday we both spent time in the garage.  Other duties were left behind.

Salvation Army items were disbursed, old electronics taken to a recycle area and other garbage taken to the waste site.  Fortunately, we had also heard of someone who was moving to town who needed furnishings.  Extras were donated to them.

At the end of the day we opened the door to the garage.  We both could see the far wall, and open floor space. 

Perhaps life just needs time to get to the things that need done.  Not that we forget about the piles that exist, just that we await the right timing. 

The part I’m working on is finding God’s timing and not my own timing.  I suppose that’s where planning, strategizing and plotting meet peace, joy, and love.  We need to develop a spirit of the future that is not overwhelmed by worry and fear but rather by excitement and anticipation.

Not saying I’m there yet – but I’m headed that direction.