Months ago I had been asked to perform a wedding on Thanksgiving weekend.  In a small town called Winnipeg.  About 10 hours away.

With my marriage this summer, we discussed this as one of the activities that our first few months would include.  As we worked through logistics, the idea was to travel in stages on the way there, and then hike home quickly on Thanksgiving Monday.  This was the skeleton of the plan.

As it happened, the marriage fell in between a number of other activities that arose over these past few weeks.

The split drive had us stay overnight in Regina.  There we visited with relatives from Cynthia’s side.  The time together also included an early morning paper route before leaving for Winnipeg.

The drive back began early yesterday morning.  Last week we had a request to stop in at my sister’s for a Thanksgiving meal.  Although an hour extra driving, we wanted to honor this request.  At noon we stopped in Regina once again, and visited with Cynthia’s relatives.  We were soon on the way to a turkey dinner scheduled for 3:00, at my sister’s.  After a time of visiting there we headed back to Kindersley. 

2,100 kilometers covered and lots of visiting sandwiched in!!  A true thanksgiving weekend.