Ever heard one of those phrases that just sticks. 

In the midst of our Sunday service, Nyla Ditson was speaking.  She is one of our young adults, currently studying in Saskatoon, whom I have watched grow up over the last eight years.

Nyla was talking about her own life – the ups and downs, the struggles and the joys, the life that squeezes and the life that frees.

In the midst of  this talk, she threw in a phrase that can change how we think about God. 

Often we approach life with a “what if” attitude.  We almost expect that everything is going to blow up.  Life will deteriorate “if” this happens. 

How about having an “even if” attitude?  When the worst thing that can happen is imagined – we still trust God can work in that situation.  This is a whole different picture.

I’m trying to put this phrase into action.  This past weekend our one remaining church charter member, Muriel Plum, passed away.  A great and gracious, godly lady.  “What if” would imagine that there can be no one like her again, the church will deteriorate and we will gradually cease to exist.  “Even if” imagines that her example, though now gone, can generate a whole new generation of godly followers of Jesus, and the church will grow in stature with both God and community.

Two contrasting phrases, both spoken in the same situation, can be worlds apart!