Amalgamating household furniture has meant finding things you like together, ridding yourself of duplicates and deciding what is worth storing, sending away or thinking about.

The process has taken place over a few months.  The talking has been longer.

One of our operative words has been, “wait.” 

The garage has hosted a number of items.  Some were quick to be re-purposed.  Others have been returned to use.  Others are still awaiting a final decision.

This week saw a diagram of the living/dining room appear.  The major pieces of furniture were carefully graphed.  And rearrangement begun.  On paper.

Moving on paper has proved to be a good idea.  For the back! 

Of course, the test of a good design is only seen when it is seen.  We have had more than one arrangement “rearranged” once the furniture is in place.  At the moment, a theme is emerging.

Is this the last move?  I doubt it. 

I have enjoyed the shared experience that we will talk about, laugh about and sometimes wonder about, in coming years.  I’m also enjoying how things are looking. 

Who knows what tomorrow will look like?  I entertain that thought with anticipation!