I have not forgotten

With Remembrance day and USA Thanksgiving day, I’m reminded!

I am thankful for the life which God has given to me through Jesus Christ.  In this last while that has meant transitions to a new marriage and to a new role at work. 

With the marriage has come new family, new responsibilities, and new ways to do things.   In my job, I’m am transitioning (by June of 2014) out of the senior pastor role to an associate role.

All of this brings me to this blog.  Eight years ago a friend of mine encouraged me to write a daily blog.  Note the adjective – “daily”.  He watched too many others who started well and tapered off.  I committed to regular blogging. 

For eight years I have been able to live through highs and lows, death and life, mice and house moving, and much more.  I’m glad to have shared that with you.

These past few weeks have been ones of restructuring.  Over the past years I have seen the value of writing and this blog has been an integral part of that.  Now I am evaluating what role this will continue to take.

I am still here and writing is still part of my psyche!  I have not forgotten!  But perhaps the future will be different.

Perhaps you have some thoughts about how you have seen this blog function.  Perhaps you have some ideas of what might be included in this blog.  Perhaps . . .

4 thoughts on “I have not forgotten

  1. I echo Elizabeth’s sentiment. It is indeed good to see you back, Ron. I have read your blog for a couple years now, and continue to be inspired at times and at others, moved to think. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Ron.

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