I have been working through the matter of being a planner.  I am not going to say that we shouldn’t plan.  In fact, I am a believer in the work that it takes to make things work. 

But, I am seeing more and more that the gifting of God for a planner is a also a possible curse.  The planner can take over from God, and make things work to his or her satisfaction.  Often not as a conscious thing, but more as a remnant of a selfishness which we seem to inherit at birth.

I like what Chris Tomlin had to say on this.

If you look back and go, “it’s worked perfectly to my plan”, then it’s about your glory.

I guess I want life to be about God’s glory.  And so, I am consciously not planning (at least in my own strength).  I am trying to spend more time asking God what His plans are.  Haven’t figured all this out (and a younger colleague of mine was disappointed in that – he wondered how he would ever figure things out if I hadn’t figured them out at my age!).  But God is good and will continue to work in my life both to do his good pleasure and to bring glory to Himself.