Old men categorize wisdom, young men dream dreams

Well, that is one way to look at it.  As we age, we tend to slow down in our vim and vigor.  We still have all sorts of thoughts and ideas.  But we, hopefully, have much that slows us down. 

Slowing down and patience are things that I have been working on.  I have had surgery on my knees and eyes.  Both of these have allowed me to speed up – I can get to what I can see now – without a great amount of effort.

But should I?  Patience is teaching me that a little forethought and time to cogitate is not a bad thing.  Less people get wounded by careless words or anger without thought.  Opportunity for God to speak into the situation is always a welcome thing.

And so, I am willing to look back over what I have learned and begin to think things through.

By the way, this piece of wisdom came to me in a journal entry in March 5, 2001 as I was contemplating on the book of Joel.  Hopefully I’ve learned a bit more since then – hopefully I’m applying what I wrote!!

One thought on “Old men categorize wisdom, young men dream dreams

  1. I think through many things more thoroughly as I age. Also see many things very differently in my opinions than before. Also very much more thoughtful about what I say than before because (horrors !) I could possibly be wrong !! I want God at work in me now. No longer Me.

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