I ventured into the local (meaning two hours away) Christian bookstore the other day. 

Things have changed.  Amazon has become only one of a number of on-line retailers who carry Christian product.  Yesterday I noted that they want me to buy groceries and will pay for the shipping.

Scott’s Parables have changed their store display.  The music area is close to the front now – although most people have moved from buying CD’s to downloads, there are still a number of titles.  The area that seems to grow is the “product” area – pictures, trinkets, etc.

To my mind the tangible bookstore will continue to change.  The allure of cheaper product delivered on-line is a reality.

How does that affect me?  I’m still trying to figure that out.  I have bought books on-line.  The wait time has not been too bad.  And you can also download ebooks.  Living two hours from a store means this is definitely cheaper and perhaps a better use of my time. 

Perhaps I will contribute to the demise of the tangible store.  I’m not sure – but the possibility is there.  The past century has seen much change in retailing – this is the current one!