Lent project

Lent is engaging me this year.

I began preaching a sermon on Lent the first Sunday of this Christian calendar season.  The sermon was a beginning – encouraging us to get invested in a Lenten project. 

I personally said that I give up worrying.  Sounds like a high goal.  Abstract.  My wife chose a goal where she could write on a list each day whether she had accomplished something.

At first I brushed off whether there was a way to achieve my goal.  The idea was good, and over the years I have seen how worry has taken over my life.  With the great stressors of these past years, I could predict that anxiety would increase. 

Yesterday my wife asked me how I was doing with my Lent goal.  I stopped to consider.  I had actually set aside a particular worry in the past few days.  I had done so, in part, because I had determined to do so – at least at the back of my mind.  With that prompting, I have now moved my intentionality further forward.  I am consciously asking myself how worry is being set aside in my life!

A little prompting can go a long way!

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