Early days

This week has proven to be one that will be busy.

I began the week realizing that our music festival is on.  I would love to take in all the sessions – there are children and teens I know who are involved.  I will take in a few sessions.  In between, I also have other appointments.  There is the seminar and hopefully hospital visits in Saskatoon.  On the weekend my wife will be away to a ladies retreat.  In between I have an afternoon appointment with a couple and various appointments with individuals.  Staff meeting will be sandwiched in between preparing a sermon and Sunday School class.

So, I’m up this morning, as yesterday morning, and trying to get a good bit of work done before the 9:00 hour rolls around!  That is the usual time that I would begin my work day.

The sky is not yet lit with light – I will be able to watch the sunrise later in the morning.  Soon I’ll have a soothing shower and head off to my office at the church.  On the way I will care for such mundane things as banking and filling the car with gas.

The end of the day I am planning to arrive home in the early to mid part of the evening.  I’ll spend time with family and head to bed to rest before another day begins. 

All of that to say:  I have become suspicious of the plans that we manufacture.  Within minutes or hours plans could change – and have!  God directs – my part is to be sure I stay on the path he sets. 

So the best thing I need to do is to be consciously living in the presence of God as the activities of the day unfold.  That way the unfolding will not crush me, but rather allow me to see what God is doing (and enjoy it!!).  I guess that is what the ancients would have called giving glory to God.

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