The raised eyebrows did it.  Of course, pointing out that the eyebrows were raised didn’t hurt either.

I had just answered a question with a straightforward “no.”  The other person, without asking but just raising the eyebrows, wondered where that had come from. 

I proceeded to give a variety of reasons.  All of which I thought were very straightforward as well. 

Until the evening wore on and I contemplated what I had said. 

Was I being fair?  Was my answer merely one of emotion?  Was I looking back on the past and coloring the future with that brush?  What would it look like to consider how Jesus would have answered? 

By the end of the evening, I was ready to rethink my answer.  I realize that the answer may not change.  That is not the question – or the answer.  The answer is in being willing to be wrong, to own up to that, and to change.

Not an easy road.  But no one ever said the road would be easy.

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