The sermon I preached yesterday morning was on Psalm 126.  Crying out.

As the afternoon progressed into evening, I was seeking to understand a bit of what that means. 

I continue to hear people wonder about my grieving process after my first wife’s death almost two years ago.  I am crying out to God to help me understand.  I have a peace that I don’t understand.  At the same time I look at others who were friends and relatives of Jill.  Some are still stuck.

One relied heavily on Jill.  They still despair at times – I am crying out that they would find new friends.  Another has seemingly lost contact with me – I am crying out that our friendship would be rekindled.  Another is still working through my remarriage – I am crying out that a warmth of relationship would return.

And for myself – I spent part of the weekend in reminiscence.  I must admit that every day things remind me of my first wife.  The heaviness of those remembrances has almost disappeared.  Now there is more joy and desire to move into the future.  I cry out for understanding – in no small part so that I can comfort others.

Not how I had imagined applying my sermon a week ago!