Watch Lists

All because of who you are.

You are put on watch lists.  For cancer.  For high blood pressure.  For diabetes.  For many more dis-eases that are hereditary.

Both my wife and I are on watch lists.  If we never had to attend funerals – if our close relatives never died, I suppose we would be watching our pensions funds more closely!  I’m not sure how much money you would need if you death was not imminent for centuries and not just decades!

I have had a brother who died of cancer, a sister who has battled cancer, a brother who had a stroke.  I have had double knee surgery, my sister is off for double hip surgery.  And the oldest of us just passed 60 a year or two ago. 

My wife has had various relatives die of cancer, and some still battling cancer.  Diabetes and high blood pressure seem to run (not just walk) in her family.

Recently both of us have gone through testings.  These are not simple multiple answer questions.  A new test for cancer through the use of stool samples has meant not have to have an colonoscopy.  And an examination in the doctor’s office looked at prostrate cancer possibilities.  My wife has been in for her doctor’s examinations and in for imaging tests. 

So far we both have a fairly clean bill of health.  Both of us need to watch our weight and exercise our hearts (we can tip too closely into bad health territories as we watch a movie lounging on a couch and eat a snack that is more fat than healthy nutrients). 

What do watch lists do?  On the one hand, they quickly allow you to prepare.  On the other hand they can provide tension as the examination approaches.  What could appear may have nothing to do with what you are doing.  The results may be purely based on your heredity.

Some things you have no control over their inception.  The best you may have is a lingering ability to manage your life.  I say with joy – the best place to be is in a place where you are willing to accept the future as people of hope.  I do not sorrow for my life as some do.  I enjoy this life and the next.  For in them I have one who rescues me by giving me both a past, a present and a future. 

Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ. 

A statement derived from a watch list that is mine to bear or to bless.

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