Palms and age

I have lived in the church for 60 years.  Since I was born, I have been taken to church.  I expect I will be taken to church in my old age.

The church calendar sees today as Palm Sunday.  I remember that palm branches that children waved on “the way.”  They are lined up at the back of the church and process, with some ohs and ahs, to the front.  An appropriate song about the little children is sung.

I wonder, now that I am older, if there were not older people waving palm branches as well.  What would a Palm Sunday service look like if it was just the seniors?

Or, more rightly, as some churches have done – the procession is filled with all generations.  Mothers scolding children for getting too close to the pews on either side.  Teens looking at each other to be sure they “were doing this right”.  Seniors being pushed in wheel chairs, directing their helpers to watch out for the person in front.

And then we realize this is about Jesus and not us.  And the whole thing becomes chaotic.  Shouts erupt and we don’t know where else to look – because there is only one look and that is to Jesus.

Maybe, just maybe . . . that’s not too far off the first triumphal entry.

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