Preparing for Holy Days

In a weeks time I will be taking some days off.

I’m not quite sure what the agenda will be yet.  Certainly finding a way to put distance between work and myself.  The consuming nature of a job you love makes time off a difficulty.

Difficult, not in the sense of others who are willing to step in and step up.  That can and will be done.  Difficult in the sense that my own heart feels the need to cover just a few more things.  A protection needs to be in place for all the efforts that are currently being undertaken.

That is my heart.  On one hand this is a compassionate gesture.  On the other hand there is a need to trust those to whom things are delegated.

And so, for the next few days I will see what can be done to blend compassion and delegation.  And next Monday I will begin days that are set aside (holy) days.

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