Sing a song

Last night was the double header for our choir.

The community group has practiced for the last few months.  Unfortunately my schedule meant I was only present for 1/2 the practice time.

In that time, I had seen most of the music, although our first concert on Sunday showed that I had missed singing one of the songs in full.

Sunday’s concert went well.  The room was somewhat dull, but the microphones were helpful.

Last night was in an acoustically primed room.  The sounds of human voices just bounced and returned, reverberated and resounded.  As you caught a breath for the next phrase, you could hear the whole choir breathe.

Now, that is what makes for unified singing.  Being able to hear each other even to the extent of sensing the next heartbeat of the music.  The men’s chorus hit their stride.  The Easter cantata was exhilarating.  The sense of the power of music to touch the inner person was there.

That’s when doing music is more than just an activity, it is a joy!

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