Good Friday

Talking with some Junior Hi students the other day, they remarked that Good Friday is both good and bad.

From our perspective, on the other side of two millenia, we see and understand the good.  There is forgiveness of sin and a sacrifice that was made.  There is a surety in the sacrifice for all time – with a resurrection of the one who was sacrificed.

But, for those in a place of not knowing the future.   For those who stood at a cross and saw a death, life was finished.  And now another chapter needed to begin.

That chapter would spell grief in big letters, and then who knows?

Hide away for a while?  Your first night without that person is spent in shock, and then the society’s approach to grieving kicks in.  You do what needs to be done, and hold the questions until later.  The second night you sneak a peek at the future and just want to be close to the one who died.

Day three?

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