For the ride

Our hope is that we can get away for holiday days today.  Sickness has kept us from venturing too far – but today rings with hope anew.

As I look over the years, riding can have many different affects!

As a young child, I tended to get a bit sick on my rides in the car.  I liked to sit at the front of a bus.  I also found long rides were times to sleep – a thing I did quite often as a young adult with a musical touring group, for a year’s time.  Missed a lot of the beautiful countryside of Canada and United States but was able to sing each night.

As a young adult, I enjoyed riding with friends and with my spouse.  These were times of banter and deep discussion.  There was a true sense of camaraderie and bonds that have lasted for decades.  I remember one trip where I was in a persuasive mood.  The fellow I was travelling with was wondering if he should marry a young lady he had met.  They have been married for over three decades!

I wonder what other findings you have had as you have travelled the roads over the years?

2 thoughts on “For the ride

  1. Going on a car trip is such a great time to communicate with each other. An uninterrupted time to meditate too. Great time for long term plan making and really “hearing” each other.

  2. I have had some incredible times with the Lord on short trips and longer trips.

    I have also really enjoyed the no agenda kind of trips – just heading out to see what there is to see……sometimes ended up watching wildlife, other times stopping at a spot or place I have never been just for the adventure. I have discovered some incredible places that are on my bucket list to do as often as possible

    Enjoy your holiday.

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