Walk the block

Last night we were on our way around the block together.  The exercise was important to our lives – both my wife and I are over our usual weight, and other body measurements agree.  We walked fairly fast, not sweat breakingly fast, but fast enough.

As we walked up the main street of our town, I noticed a truck pass us and pull into park.  Out jumped a friend of mine who had moved to another town a few years ago.

He was currently in town to do some training for his company.  His wife had hoped to accompany him, but had end of church year events happening.

As we approached each other, I was glad to see him.  He was an encouragement to me in my ministry, and continues to connect with the church and myself.

As we shook hands, I introduced him to my wife.  He was glad to meet her and expressed that.  Our conversation ranged over family, church, fun and life in general.

Walking away, I realize that God somehow allows circumstances that otherwise I am unable to plan.  For this I am thankful!

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