People are curious.

As am I.

The journal I began a short while ago is intriguing.  For others and for myself.

I begin with a question (usually starting with “why”) that raises conflict.  Quite often the question is personal and the conflict is within myself.  Others are related to friends, vocation, and life in general.

I ask why, then jot down an answer.  I do the same five times.  At that point I am probably getting to the actual answer, or at least to a root of the problem.

This may be something you would like to try.  The exercise is not easy, and usually by the time I hit the third “why”, I’m having to confront the real me!  And that is not always easy, because I know I will probably have to rethink how I live my life as I go deeper – and have to repent of attitudes and actions that have become ingrained in my life.

Is it worth it?  I think so – and so I continue!