When two deaths in a congregation happen within a week. 

When various peace officers are in our congregation and are affected by the death of officers in Moncton.  W

hen time rolls along at a pace faster than the previous week.

I am tired.  The tug of war of ministry, the desire to maintain family relations, and even the want to have spare time pull upon me.

I learned as a child to back up the boat when I am tired.  Of course, I never knew quite what that picture meant.  We didn’t have enough water in the area to float a boat, let alone back it up.

But, if I were to back up the boat, that would mean taking some time before making decisions.  As well it means giving yourself space before heading into the ocean!

Hopefully heading into this week will provide some rest.  I look forward to continued renovations being done on our kitchen (backsplash tiles to be put in today!).  There is a  grad banquet with our high school grads the end of the week.  And in between and afterwards time to gaze on God!

May God grant us all a week of peace – not necessarily extracting us from our circumstances but providing us peace in God in those circumstances.