I was asked the other day what my resume would look like?

As one who is approaching my retirement, I’m a little less likely to talk about achievements (which is what most resumes are about), and rather to talk about what I have learned through my activities.

Although I may need a source of income as I look towards retirement, I’m not so sure I need a job.  For that reason, I am reviewing my life.

What fun!  One of my first thoughts is about a mousetrap I helped my brother build.  He was the creative one.  I was the one who took the plans and made it happen (grade eight).  Rather reflective of much of the rest of my life.

We often talk about spiritual gifts as though they were to help achieve something – and in reality a church thrives upon the activities of those who are gifted.  But this is a gift, not an activity.  The core of the nuclear reactor contains the essence of power.  What happens after that is an effect of the power and looks like activity.  But you can’t have the activity without first having the core.

So, I’ve been more inclined to think in terms of a profile than a resume.  When you look at my profile – when you see a picture of me, what is it that strikes you?  At funerals we talk about the love of a person – and then about the activity that shows that love.  Perhaps our profiles are more about our core than our activity.

Just some thoughts on resumes!