Yesterday was eight hours on the road.

Time was given to visit.  Both my daughter and Cynthia’s sister.  Of course, there was also time given to my grandchildren and to brother-in-law relations.

With my work schedule, funerals included, I had been without a day off for the last 12 days.  lA day off was due.  I realize that the immersion in a culture (a town) means that I am constantly reminded of my vocation, if not called to provide some ministry, even on my days off.  I needed to be out of town. 

Often “in town days off” have proved to be an encouragement as I meet, greet and provide care to my church and community family.  At the same time, nuclear family matters (and even home renovations) get aside for the moment – unless I head out of town.

So, off to Prince Albert and Birch Hills.  A good day of visiting (far less than I would have liked).  And now, I’m headed back to work related duties today and tomorrow as I prepare for Sunday – with family on my heart and in my prayers!