Well, we are now home!

If I could have planned this holiday, I think I would not have.

On second thought, having gone through the last three weeks – I couldn’t have planned a better holiday.

I had opportunity to work with my wife, assisting her in her chosen career of house painting.  I was given time at a cabin to rest.  I spent time with family – learning new family history while helping to arrange a funeral.

Was this all rest?  No.  There were times where I felt exhausted.

Was this all happiness and good times?  No.  The funeral of a sister-in-law I had known for decades can be draining.

How will I express my thoughts on holidays when I am asked?  I think I will talk of family bonding, of service and of pleasure.  Of a new view into the life of others.  And of God’s grace in planning what I could never have planned!