This week has been one of switching office space at the church.  With a change in responsibilities (I move from Senior Pastor to Associate Pastor as of September 3rd) has also come a symbolic change in space!

The painting 0f my new office was done yesterday – I helped to break down the office in the previous days.  And, no, I did not do the painting!

Today I will try to complete the changeover – still a few things to move.

In the midst of this I am also trying to understand rest and replenishment.  Our holiday season had some days of rest, but with a funeral attached to the last week, a number of my resources were given to arrangements and dealing with grief and mourning.

And so, today will be a continued day of work.  While that will be the center of activity, I’m also praying for restoration, refreshment and replenishment (the three “R’s” of health in our society of busyness and stress!).