In the next few days, I am moving from being a senior pastor to being an associate pastor – all in the same institution.  The transition has not been easy, nor should I expect that it would be.

I am coming to recognize the power of symbols to solidify change. 

Yesterday I moved into a new office space.  Newly painted, newly arranged, just plain new. 

Our church secretary and I had to work out the intercom on the phone.  We had known it existed but had not had to use it.  The old (senior) office was mere meters away – the new one is more than a yell’s throw away.

I reduced my library to a few shelves.  The remaining volumes are designed to assist with my new responsibilities (which are still somewhat in flux).

My files are being culled.  I expect the next few weeks will see much in the way of shredding. 

My mind is being reset.  I can’t help but be confronted with a new life every time I walk into my office.  Which means I’m focusing on the important (at least I hope so).  Not a bad thing.